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Deep Dive Programs

Find out more about these Deep Dive Programs below. 

Whole Hearted Leadership
with Claudia Chan

6 month Coaching & Certificate Program

  • 11th Annual S.H.E Summit (Spring 2023)

  • 5 Monthly coaching calls with Claudia

  • Post-Summit Access to all conference and coaching session replays

  • Whole-Life Leadership™ Certificate of Completion

  • PLUS [coming soon!] the "best-of" S.H.E. Summit's video archive

Uncover Your Truth
with Lisa Harris

4-week Group Coaching Program

  • Four 90-minute virtual group sessions

  • Weekly assignments

  • Life Timeline tool

  • Private 60-minute consultation

uncover your truth deep dive program.jpg

Sign up now for just $497

(payment plans available)

Leadership Maturity Exploration
with Heidi Kraft

Three 1:1 Coaching Sessions + Your IEQ9 Enneagram Evaluation

How Many Wins Custom Program
with Jeff Eben

Six Sessions structured weekly or monthly to create YOUR How Many Wins customized program.

Omni Seasonal Wellness Personal Plan
with Sumita Vasudeva

Your Ayurvedic experience will include a 2-hour assessment that will generate your personalized plan in response to your stated health goals. This plan would include daily regimens around Omni's 4 pillars of health: Nourishment, Movement, Deep Rest, and Connection. You will also receive an additional 1-hour check-in at the end of the 3-month period where you will have an opportunity to work through any obstacles and reflect on your progress.

Wellness Coach

Exclusive Offer for Blissometer Subscribers: $540 Seasonal Wellness Personal Plan

Happiness at Work
with Jacci Johnson

Have you been thinking of making a change? Or you’ve just made a change and you’re looking to show up strong, build trust quickly, and land your vision with your new team?


The happiness at work package is a journey in partnership with your Coach to help you get clear on your goals, values, and strengths, and help you identify the best path forward in finding meaning and joy in your work. We will quickly capture key actions and keep an eye on your larger strategy so you can make progress towards your greater vision.


This package includes a Leadership Circle Profile™ self-assessment, a 2-hour deep dive session and five 1-hour coaching sessions over ~3-4 months.

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