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Lisa Harris

Author, Storyteller, and Narrative Coach

Lisa Harris is an author, storyteller, narrative coach, and CEO/Founder of Lisa Harris & Company, a personal development company and coaching business that connects, guides, and transforms women’s lives through the power of storytelling.

Lisa’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2016 after publishing her poetry book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart. Prior to, she spent +18 years in leadership roles working for and with many Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized brands. Today, as a narrative coach certified in narrative therapy, Lisa intertwines storytelling elements and narrative therapy principles in her signature program, Uncover Your Truth. Lisa helps high-achieving women shift narratives and reclaim their personal power through the lens of their own life stories.

As a storyteller, Lisa auditioned and was casted in the 2022 Listen to Your Mother show, was published in the book Her Path Forward: 21 Stories of Transformation and Inspiration, and currently cohosts the podcast, Life In Our Skin.

You can learn more from Lisa in the Blissometer Stage 3 micro-session Uncover Your Truth.

You have two great opportunities to work with Coach Lisa further.

1. You can sign up for a One-on-One Introductory Coaching package with Lisa to learn more about how the narrative coaching process works. Details are below:

$75 for a 30-minute Initial Consult with 30-minute Follow Up Session

2. Register for the next Uncover Your Truth program. This 4-week group coaching program is the entry point to working with Lisa; it teaches you how to build your Life Timeline, a visual and tangible tool to gain new perspectives on your life story.

This program includes:

• Weekly virtual group sessions, 90 minutes (Total of 4 sessions)

• Weekly assignments, plus the Uncover Your Truth online workbook

• A tangible Life Timeline tool for ongoing personal growth

• Private consult call at the end of the program, 60 minutes

Lisa Harris

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