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as an online forum for members to ask questions, share experiences, and help keep each other motivated on their Bliss Paths. Joining a community is easy. Once you’ve become a Blissometer subscriber you can join as many or as few Bliss communities as you would like.

We have created

Bliss Communities

For those who want extra support on your journey, join our Stage 1 Coached Community,  where you will have direct access to our group coaching activities facilitated by one of our community coaches. This is limited to 20 Bliss Seekers per month and does require a minor supplementary fee of $100/month. Find out more here.

Don't see a community that resonates with you? 

Use the "+Create Group" button below to find fellow Bliss seekers like you.

Bliss Seeker Communities

What to expect from a Blissometer Community?

  • Bliss Communities have a high degree of self-governance. To keep your group moving forward on their Bliss Journey, Blissometer will track activity and generate weekly discussion topics  But when you share with other Bliss Seekers, the real magic happens. 

  • You can also use the chat box below to ask questions and we'll try our best to direct you to the best resources on our site.

  • To keep everyone in the community secure and content, there are rules of conduct posted on each group's admin page. Blissometer will remove anyone that violates these guidelines.

  • Please contact us immediately if you experience any issues or concerns.

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