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It can take up to 30 minutes to watch a micro-course's video and complete the optional exercises. To find out more about each course, watch the trailer for any topic that peaks your interest below. Then click on the $ sign to listen or re-listen to the micro-course at a your own pace. 

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Are you ready to create your own roadmap to Bliss? Having the courage to find and follow your bliss is an amazing skill/gift. At the end of the day, our world is what it is; there are things you can do something about, and others you can’t control. Creating Your Roadmap to Bliss is a foundational starting point. We invite you to create their own roadmap to more happiness, joy and fulfillment in their life by downloading your choice of 6 micro-sessions, as well as optional podcasts, from the list below. Each month, more will be added.