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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why achieving greater Bliss matters?

Achieving greater Bliss in our lives can help us become healthier, happier and more successful in our careers. Find out more by reading these short articles explaining the neuroscience behind Bliss. 

What age is this program appropriate for?

While the sessions are age agnostic, anyone over the age of 21 is more likely to benefit from this program. Some of the sessions are tailored to specific audiences such as parents, women or those looking to plan a second chapter in life. Please see an overview of our courses here.

What is the Bliss Score based on?

The Blissometer score builds upon Ed Diener's Flourishing and Subjective Well-Being Scale. We also use questions that help us identify the stage that would be best for you to start with based on topics covered within each stage. For more background on the Blissometer score, please go here.

How can I be a Course Creator for Blissometer?

Contact us at and we will schedule a call to talk to you about why you think you might be a good fit. 

How is my Bliss journey different from others?

While we love that you are here and want to check us out, there is no magic cure for attaining Bliss. It takes the personal work we each do on the inside as well as what’s happening in the world around us. Everyone is different and we have designed Blissometer to give them a wide array of tools, approaches, and coaches to help people find the right personal fit.

Are you going to spam me with upsell offers?

No. We are not one of those annoying online services constantly trying to get you to upgrade to the next level. Coaches will always mention the additional books, services, online programs that are available to you at the end of their sessions. But you are under no obligation to buy anything. We simply want to make you aware of how to take the next step with a coach you may have connected with. Getting the chance to sample new coaches to see if they are a fit for you is one of the unique benefits of Blissometer.

Who is doing these micro-sessions and how are they qualified?

Each course-creator is a verified certified coach or industry expert in their subject matter. Topics were researched in prior research on the topic of Bliss and will continue to evolve with subscriber feedback. Micro courses require an average score of 4.0 in order to remain on Blissometer. For further questions or feedback on any of our course creators, please email

Are Blissometer coaches employees of Blissometer?

No. All course creators are independent from Blissometer. Blissometer prides itself on exposing subscribers to different tools, frameworks, coaches. If desired, subscribers can connect deeper with a course creator through one-on-one coaching, e-courses or deep dive programs. By exposing people to different coaches, you get to choose what works for you.

What if I can't decide which coach would be best for me?

If you are having a hard time deciding on the best coach for you – please reach out to and we will do our best to connect you with the best resource.

What if I want my money back?

Blissometer provides a 7 day trial period for the Blissometer Journey program subscriptions. However any purchase of supplementary coaching programs (including one-on-one coaching, e-courses and/or coaching programs) are non-refundable. Blissometer will put you in touch with the coach offering the program for further resolution.

What specific outcomes will I achieve?

Each Micro-session has specific learning objectives. While we strive for everyone to achieve greater bliss in their lives, each person's overall outcome is dependent on time spent engaging in all of Blissometer experiences.

How long does it take to do each phase?

Depends on how frequently you plan on downloading and viewing the micro sessions.

Each micro session includes 10-30 min Video (also available as downloadable audio). There are downloadable e-books as well. We recommend you take the time to digest each micro session. This could be one / day or one / week depending on your personal learning style.

Each phase includes 5-10 micro sessions. New content will continue to be added throughout the next 6 months including new micro sessions, a Blissometer podcast series starting in October, and a rewards programs for completing each phase.

What if I have never done any coaching?

Blissometer is a perfect place to begin. Blissometer is designed for people both experienced and new to coaching. If you are looking for a way to test the waters, try joining our Stage 1 Coached Community. Or contact our DevTeam@Blissometer for a recommendation on coaches that might be a good fit.

Is these Micro-courses live or pre-recorded?

While the majority of the podcasts and micro-courses are pre-recorded, we do have a Stage 1 Coached Community available. Each week, the Coached Communities will provide a live zoom session with participants in this program. Click here to find out more.

Do you have payment plans?

No. However we have created a range of subscription plans that address a wide variety of needs.

Who do you share my data with?

We do not sell your email or any data to anyone else.  If you sign up for a Coaching Package, your email and name will be provided to the coach you selected for your session to facilitate any scheduling changes. Please see further details about our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions here.

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