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Blissometer Coached Communities

Blissometer Community Stage Groups are designed for Bliss Community Members wanting more support to help them get the most out of this Stage in their Bliss Journey. 

Read more below about the Community Coach assigned to each stage and their plans for this special group of Bliss seekers

Hi! I'm Shannon and I am so excited to help you with your Bliss Roadmap.


Helping others visualize the life they deserve and want is what I enjoy most about this stage.  So frequently, we give up before realizing there is a way to achieve our highest aspirations in life. However, I'm here to show you that it's not just conceivable, it's attainable. 

Each week , I will facilitate group conversations and provide support and direction for any issues that may come up. Additionally, I'll  set up a weekly Zoom Call for us to speak directly with one another.  I'll also arrange for a  few of our Stage 1 coaches to drop by and conduct a Q&A session with this unique group of Bliss Seeking Rockstars. 

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