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Access To Your Micro-Courses

The search for bliss is a goal shared by many. There are lots of coaches, preachers and motivational speakers out there who advocate for the importance of being true to yourself. But without direction, what does that even mean?

That's why Blissometer exists. By providing you with education and resources through different stages on your journey—who you are now, who you want to be, and what you can do about it—you're armed with the mindset and know-how for achieving your version of bliss.

You will still be asked to Join each Stage when viewing micro-courses for the first time only. After that, the Join button will change to View.
(Sigh...We are working on making this a better experience in the future)

If you have already Purchased a Package

If you are new to Blissometer

You can find prices for the different micro-course packaged plans here.
You will also have a choice of micro-course packaged plans when you click on Join.

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