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Blissometer Coaching Packages

Exclusive Discounts only available on Blissometer

The coaching packages offered by particular coaches  are shown below. Select a particular service to see which coach is part of this exclusive promotion. 

We provide a consultation with select coaches to help you find the perfect coach fit. Pay $75 for a 30-minute Initial consultation and a 30-minute follow-up coaching session with select coaches. This is a perfect way to find the right fit of coach for you.


Expand your mind mind, free your soul. Schedule your first introductory session here.

Online Class

$150 for $300 worth of coaching time

Receive a discount on your initial one-on-one coaching sessions. Credit applied to individual coach's regular rate that can be found in the coach's background page here.


Start living blissfully by scheduling your first-hour session with your chosen coach by clicking on this link.

Sign Language

Buy an extended E-course offered by a variety of different coaches. Price ranges vary between $49 - $99. Each course offers something new and different to learn, so there's sure to be one that suits your needs. 

Don't wait any longer - visit our E-courses and sign up today!

Copying Down

Find coaching programs offered by select coaches that range from 4 week to 6 month programs. Prices vary. Live your life to the fullest potential. Join us today!

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