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Claudia Chan

Global leadership speaker, coach and advisor

As a culture change expert and futurist; the creator of the award-winning S.H.E. Summit™; a NY-Times celebrated author of This Is How We Rise; a UN Women Champion of Innovation; and a global leadership speaker, coach and advisor; Claudia Chan awakens and coaches leaders and Fortune 500 companies to make their highest impact in the workplace and the world.

Through her proven Whole-Life Leadership™ curriculum and her passion for solving complex culture problems, Claudia designs powerful and safe learning spaces that pull leaders and organizations toward their highest potential of social, business and talent innovation. Her unique framework helps clients elevate the vision for who they are becoming, identify their highest visions, and transform their deepest barriers to create thriving cultures of wellbeing, belonging and performance.

Claudia lives in Tampa, Florida, and is a believer, wife to John, and mother of two children, Jackson and Arya.

You can learn more from Claudia in the Blissometer Stage 5 micro-session Whole Life Leadership

Want More Coaching From Claudia?

1. Listen to the Whole-Life Leadership Podcast – select conversations & content on Whole-Life Leadership

2. Join the Waitlist to experience Claudia’s award-winning S.H.E. Summit, including a kickoff summit, live coaching with Claudia, and online access to tools and videos.

3. Contact Us for custom solutions for your business or organization:

a. Host a How We Rise Keynote or Retreat featuring Claudia’s signature “Whole-Life Leadership” curriculum (inspired by her NY-Times-celebrated This is How We Rise book)

b. Commit to 1-1 Coaching & Advisory. For the leaders and “change agents” who are shouldering culture innovation and are ready for inspiration and accountability to create and execute their vision.

Claudia Chan

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