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Jacci Johnson

Corporate Leadership & Relationships Specialist | Coach | Facilitator

Jacci has spent over 20 years of her career as the Client Leader and a Coach in the Creative and Marketing Industry. She led global marquee accounts working closely with the most senior clients at large corporations, such as, Amazon, Microsoft (XBOX, Surface, Windows), HP, and Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures.

Leading and coaching teams, improving customer relationships, solving big problems, and cultivating a healthy culture where business, creativity and innovation can thrive are her areas of expertise. When working with Jacci, you can expect her to be real, honest, respectful, and invite a sense of humor into the process.

Certifications: Level PCC Certified ICF Coach, The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety™, Leadership Circle Profile™, and OKRs through WorkBoard.

Check out Jacci's Microsession in Stage 4, Happiness at work: Keeping you and your team motivated after layoffs.

Jacci has three exclusive coaching offers here on Blissometer:


One-hour initial session with Coach Jacci Johnson with the focus on quick wins around an obstacle you’re currently determined to overcome. The session will take place virtually via Zoom.

Power hour is normally $350 but is being offered for $75 exclusively via Blissometer


Have you been thinking of making a change? Or you’ve just made a change and you’re looking to show up strong, build trust quickly, and land your vision with your new team?

The happiness at work package is a journey in partnership with your Coach to help you get clear on your goals, values, and strengths, and help you identify the best path forward in finding meaning and joy in your work. We will quickly capture key actions and keep an eye on your larger strategy so you can make progress towards your greater vision.

This package includes a Leadership Circle Profile™ self-assessment, a 2-hour deep dive session and five 1-hour coaching sessions over ~3-4 months.

Package Total is normally $2600 but is being offered for $2175 via Blissometer.


Are you a leader and/or manager of a team looking for ways to increase engagement and uplevel team performance? Jacci has over 20 years of direct experience as a leader of teams and coaching teams to optimal performance through cultivating a healthy team environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about programs and workshops available for building strong and resilient teams, please send Jacci a direct message as prices and duration varies:

Jacci Johnson

How to contact this coach:


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