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Heidi Kraft

Executive leadership and team coach

Heidi Kraft is a successful entrepreneur, executive leadership/team coach, accomplished executive and Founder of Kraft Your Success. She thrives working with individuals in our fast-paced, ever-changing and interconnected world, and helps leaders leverage their strengths and shift their mindset to be even more successful as a 21st-century leader.

Her deep dive into areas such as emotional intelligence, leadership presence, and conversational intelligence (the neuroscience of creating more trust) make her a versatile coach for many types of leaders. She’s masterful at helping her clients navigate the multi-faceted business realm in a way that leverages their unique style and desired leadership impact.

Heidi’s passion for the Enneagram began in her 20s and she has been an avid student since. She now has the honor of bringing the wisdom of the Enneagram to the majority of the leaders and teams she works with. Heidi is excited to be leveraging the power of this transformative tool by creating to use “Your Path Leadership Maturity”.

Heidi holds a BA in Sociology and is a PCC and certified professional coach (CPCC). She’s a graduate of ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) as well as CTI’s Co-active Leadership program. Assessment Certifications include Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), Hogan, Integrative Enneagram (IEQ9 for both Leaders and Teams), Tilt, Team Coaching International (TCI), PDP Works, Foundations of Generative Leadership, Brain-based Results Coaching, and the Presencing Institute.

You can learn more from Heidi in the Blissometer Stage 3 micro-session Claim Your Unique Path to Becoming Extraordinary.

You can also schedule a one-on-one coaching session with Heidi. Heidi’s normal hourly consultation rate is $450/hour. However, you have three great opportunities to work with this coach further.

1. You can sign up for one of two exclusive one-on-one Introductory Coaching packages with Coach Heidi:

• $75 Initial 30 minute evaluation and a 30 minute follow up call with Coach Heidi


• Pay $150 and receive a $300 1:1 coaching session credit with Heidi

2. Leadership Maturity Exploration: 3x 1:1 sessions + your IEQ9 Enneagram. Value is $1,250 and I’m offering it to the Blissometer Community for $1,000.

3. 1:1 Leadership or Team Coaching: Programs vary by price and duration, please reach out to me at for more information.

Heidi Kraft

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