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Sumita Vasudeva

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

Sumita is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Yoga Master who designs customized energy-enhancing practices for family and employee well-being. A Stanford Health 4 All Fellow, she offers coaching to evolve behavior around Omni’s four pillars of health: nourish, move, rest, and connect. In the last 20+ years, Sumita has personalized more than 500 well-being plans through wholesome nutrition, herbs, yoga and meditation.

You can learn more from Sumita in the Blissometer Stage 2 micro-session The 3-Day Cleanse here.

You can work further with Sumita Vasudeva by signing up for her special Personalized Seasonal Wellness Plan.

As an exclusive Blissometer offer, Sumita has created a Personalized Seasonal Wellness Plan for $540. Your Ayurvedic experience will include a 2-hour assessment that will generate your personalized plan in response to your stated health goals. This plan would include daily regimens around Omni's 4 pillars of health: Nourishment, Movement, Deep Rest, and Connection. You will also receive an additional 1-hour check-in at the end of the 3-month period where you will have an opportunity to work through any obstacles and reflect on your progress.

Sumita Vasudeva

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