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The Blissometer Experience

Your Learning Hub to Achieving Greater Bliss

On Demand Micro-Courses, Podcasts, Online Communities, One-on-One coaching and In-Person Summits 

Your Starting Point

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We understand how it feels when feeling blissful just doesn't come naturally. And then, figuring out which path to go down or expert to follow can feel just as overwhelming. There are so many choices, each with their pros and cons. But all of this take a lot of time or money to pursue.


Based on your Blissometer score, we recommend starting at Stage 1 of our Blissometer Journey program. In this stage, we will help you identify what Bliss might look like for your life and how you are more likely to get there without feeling like a failure when the winds of change force you to choose a new path.


Your idea of Bliss might just be about getting through those roadblocks. That’s okay. We want to meet you where you are at and give you some extra support creating this roadmap.

 Use code: SCORE50%

We have a special Coached Community group you can sign up for here. It costs a little more money ($100 for 4 weeks), but you will have direct access to a community coach and weekly group coaching calls to give you some ideas on how to create a bliss journey roadmap that is both aspirational and achievable. 


After you complete your roadmap, Stage 2 micro-courses will give you support on how to overcome some of the roadblocks in your path. Make sure you have laid this important foundation. It will help you get the most out of the remaining Blissometer Journey stages.


You also have the freedom to explore all the different micro-courses and coaches on everything from Making Bliss a Habit, One Win at a Time to Navigating the Narcissist at Work to Staying on the Reliance Journey. And if you do like a specific coach and want to go further with a specific coach, we make it easy with one-on-one coaching, e-courses, or deep dive coaching programs without worry of signing up for an onslaught of spammy emails and upsell offers.

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Life isn’t bad but it could be better. Afterall, everyone has their good and bad days. We all try and stay positive, engaged, and learn what we can to reach the kind of success and respect we’ve always dreamed of. But just as we start to get in our groove, we get distracted with the realities of day-to-day life.

Perhaps Bliss is a bit of an abstract term for you. What exactly does Bliss mean? And how can someone else do anything to help you be happier in life. We’ve all learned how to set goals. But setting goals doesn’t mean we can always achieve our dreams. Life can throw us curveballs. And this can make anyone re-evaluate the direction they were headed. But that doesn’t mean we stop trying to make things better.


Feeling blissful isn't something that comes naturally. And when we're surrounded by frustration, stress, or chaos every day, it can sometimes seem impossible to find peace and happiness. The good news is there are strategies you can use! But figuring out which strategies will work for you specifically, can feel just as overwhelming. There are so many choices, each with their own pros and cons.


Nothing on this website should be considered medical advice. Always consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet, medical plan, or exercise routine. Likewise, we do not offer legal or financial advice. If you are feeling anxiety, depression or having any other emotional response  - please reach out to medical professionals with one of these resources.

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