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Are you ready to create your own roadmap to Bliss? Or are you just content with getting by because you’re scared to make a change to where you are now? If you are reading this page, I guess you are ready, and we are here to help you along that journey.   Having the courage to find and follow your bliss is an amazing skill/gift. At the end of the day, our world is what it is; there are things you can do something about, and others you can’t control. Stage 1 is the Blissometer journey foundational starting point. We invite subscribers to create their roadmap to more happiness, joy and fulfillment in their life by starting here. And for those of you with teenagers, Coach Jennifer discusses how to use these ideas, among others, to guide your kids towards a greater sense of peace and joy. You can choose from 6 micro-sessions, as well as optional podcasts and guided meditations in this stage. Each month, more will be added. It can take up to 30 minutes to watch the video and complete the exercises in each micro-session. Select the subscription plan that best fits with how quickly or slowly you wish to complete the micro-sessions at this stage. Read more about this stage's microsessions below.

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You'll have a focus and a sense of direction if you give your year or Bliss Journey a theme. This is because having a theme gives you direction of for where you will and won't want to direct your attention. It also serves as a fantastic barometer to use with when making challenging decisions. Such as asking yourself – is this choice in line with my vision and theme for my life this year? Founder of Blissometer, Heidi Dickert will share some of her success stories  and advice on choosing a theme for your next journey. 

You’ve put forth the effort to create a roadmap leading to your bliss. But frequently, taking that first step might feel overwhelming and overwhelming.  During this micro-session, Heidi Dickert will discuss some viable strategies for incorporating your Roadmap to Bliss into daily life. 

Additional Podcasts


As you work on your Vision, Intentions and Theme for Bliss in your life, check out some of the extra podcasts we have selected for you to assist you in building your roadmap to Bliss.


For now, these are third party podcasts offered on Spotify and will soon be replaced by the Blissometer Podcast sessions in Fall 2022. You may need your own Spotify subscription to access. Consume as much or as little as you would like.

Guided Meditations


Check out our selection of guided meditations to help you Create your Roadmap to Bliss. These are third party sessions we have curated for you while we decide if custom Blissometer Guided Meditations will be pursued in 2023. Sessions include: Intention Setting: Morning Meditation

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