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The Blissometer Journey's last stage might be the start of your next journey. When we start learning ways to increase our Bliss, we frequently start seeing things from different perspectives. This may change your perception of what your Bliss could look like in its ideal form. Few get it right on their first try. In reality, our persistent quest to improve ourselves is often the driving force behind human evolution. We don't always understand how or why it occurs, but it seems that when you are living your bliss and mustering the bravery to broaden your life's vision, the universe works in ways to support you and bring forward new opportunities in seemingly random ways. In Stage 5, we consider the lessons we've learned from our Bliss journey and reframe the bigger goal we have in store. Our course creators in this stage challenge us to identify our best selves, trust our intuition and sustain the resiliency that has brought us to this point in our Bliss journey. As motivation for what may lie ahead, we will also hear tales of others who found their own unique paths to Bliss. Ask yourself what brings you life rather than what the world needs, then do it. People who have come alive are what the world needs. - Thurman, Howard In this stage, you can choose from 5 micro-sessions, as well as optional podcasts and guided meditations curated for this stage. Each month, more will be added. It can take up to 30 minutes to watch the videos and finish the exercises in each micro-session How often you intend to download and view the micro sessions will determine how long it takes you to finish each stage. Select the subscription plan that best fits with how quickly or slowly you wish to complete the micro-sessions at this stage. Continue reading for more information on the micro-sessions in this phase.

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Whole-Life Leadership™ definition, guided by purpose, inclusion, and wellbeing. This new framework transforms how women, men and all people can lead across four key areas: health, family, workplace, and community. In doing this, we create the systemic change needed to unlock thriving, inclusive and socially impactful cultures at home and work.


Check out some of the additional podcasts we have selected for you to assist you in Basking in Bliss. Topics include The Intuition of Fear, The Secret Sauce of Resilient Leaders, and the Neuroscience of Bliss. 

For now, these are third party podcasts offered on Spotify and will soon be replaced by the Blissometer Podcast sessions in Fall 2022. You may need your own Spotify subscription to access. Consume as much or as little as you would like.


Check out our selection of guided meditations on Basking in Bliss. Sessions include: XX, XX

These are third party sessions we have curated for you while we decide if custom Blissometer Guided Meditations will be pursued in 2023.

We will be evaluating interest in creating our own guided meditations in Fall 2022 based on your interest in these proxy sessions. 

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