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Teresa Lodato

Conscious Leadership & Relationship Coach

As a former stressed-out executive of a top financial services firm, Teresa guides stressed out adults and teens to navigate the complexities of relational trauma and the chronic health challenges that accompany stress, burnout and betrayal. Using cutting edge techniques and proven strategies based on neuroscience and psychology, her clients fully align with their inner knowing, optimizing mental, emotional and physical well being while achieving extraordinary results. Teresa is an author and speaker in addition to being a highly sought-after coach for forward-thinking individuals and organizations.

You can learn more from Teresa in the Blissometer Stage 3 micro-session Stress to Success: Dealing with Difficult People or Stage 4 micro-session Toxic People in the Workplace or Stage 5 micro-session The Science of Intuition.

You have four great opportunities to learn and work further with Coach Teresa:

1. You can buy Teresa's book "Why aren't you listening to me?" from Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

2. For $75, you can sign up for a 30-minute Initial Consult with 30-minute Follow Up Session with Teresa on Blissometer.

3. Group Coaching: Offering weekly group coaching calls to continue your experience of healing from relational trauma, improving mental fitness or embracing your intuitive gifts.

4. 1:1 Coaching: VIP and power coaching calls designed for busy professionals looking to make positive change happen. One to one coaching is a year long commitment of transformation with Teresa as your personal guide.

Teresa's normal coaching rate is $500 / hour so the above sessions are a great way to get started with Teresa.

Teresa Lodato

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