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Shannon Short

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and my coaching goals for you are simple - I want to you feel that you’re living a life you love, aligned with your values, and fully tapped into your strengths and potential. I want you to feel like I do today: Strong, supported, able to feel the bliss that comes from being my authentic self! I found my way here through so many twists and turns – it was scary, hard work. But I did it, and you can too! As a competitive gymnastic until I was 17 I was obsessed with perfectionism, self-discipline, and following the rules. As a textbook people pleaser, I learned to effectively silence voices in my head (and urges in my body) to be authentic. I simply didn’t know how! I continued to ignore my intuitions, which lead me further away from myself. Often, I felt as if I was drowning in madness and uncertainty. And then…. a gift came in the form of a child, my son. It was life changing. I was able to tap into my core strengths like never before. For the first time in my adult life, I felt capable of providing a fulfilling life for both of us. After experiencing so many life challenges, I have realized that my purpose is to offer to others the opportunity to discover their own buried strengths and authentic voices. I love working with brave souls who decide to take action, I am here to guide others in activating personal peace, happiness and self fulfillment. YOUR Journey is worth it. Buckle up!

You can learn more from Shannon in the Blissometer Stage 1 micro-session - Creating Intentions for Bliss.

Shannon's normal hourly consultation rate is $150/hour. However, you have a exclusive opportunity to work with this coach further.

1. You can sign up for a One-on-One Introductory Coaching package with Shannon on Blissometer. Exclusively on Blissometer, for $150 you can get a $300 coach session credit with Shannon that can be used to buy 2 hours of coaching time with her.

2. Sign up for the Coached Community Group with Shannon

Each week, Shannon will facilitate group conversations and provide support and direction for any issues that may come up. Additionally, she will set up a weekly Zoom Call for us to speak directly with one another. She will also arrange for a few of our Stage 1 coaches to drop by and conduct a Q&A session with this unique group of Bliss Seeking Rockstars.

Shannon Short

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