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Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane

Professor, advisor, college administrator, and coach

Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane, PhD, is a professor, advisor, college administrator, and coach who has been working with young people in and beyond higher education for over 20 years.

As founder of Seaglass Educational Advising, her passion is empowering students to recognize, embrace, and act on their own genius. In that capacity, she has also served as director of the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (Dept of Ed/TRIO) and as Fulbright Advisor at the University of Minnesota Morris. Like most people, however, her professional path wasn't a straight line. Jennifer also had an earlier corporate career in process consulting and account management, and has worked as a lifeguard, receptionist, cashier, barista, temp staff, and swim teacher... all of which helped her find her own inner GPS. Eventually. Jennifer holds degrees from Northwestern University and the University of Washington, and is the mother of two daughters (17 and 20) whose unique superpowers inspire her every day.

You can learn more from Jennifer in the Blissometer Stage 1 micro-session Empowering Your Teen to Find Their Inner GPS.

You can also schedule a one-on-one coaching session with Jennifer. Jennifer's normal hourly consultation rate is $350/hour. However, you have a great opportunity to work with this coach further.

You can sign up for a One-on-One Introductory Coaching package with Jennifer on Blissometer. Exclusively on Blissometer, for $150 you can get a $300 coach session credit with Jennifer.

Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane

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