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Heidi Dickert

Founder of Blissometer

Heidi Dickert is the founder of Blissometer, a platform that connects users’ desires for more bliss with a hand-picked selection of short courses, podcasts, guided meditations and in-depth learning opportunities with independent experts. Heidi spent her career consulting for Fortune 500 companies and as a senior executive at Kantar and MarketTools, where she oversaw international teams until founding Blissometer in May 2022. Her training as a sociologist and doing market research provides her the ability to serve as a link between the needs of consumers need and the genuine outcomes they seek.

For more than 25 years, she has combined listening to global consumer needs and tapping into her knowledge of international markets to assess and strategically develop new solutions—from household cleaning products to 3D CADI design software—that meet the needs of international clients around the world. She has helped implement market research programs for companies such as DHL Worldwide Express and SC Johnson, and helped launched new product offers with Google, Facebook, Levi’s, Cliff Bar, Del Monte, Ancestry, Diamond Foods, Visa, Microsoft, Yes to Carrots, MarketTools, ICOM/Alliance Data/Epsilon, Clorox, Autodesk, MMetrics/Comscore, and Goodby Silverstein & Partners to name just a few.

Heidi’s passion revolves around helping women maximize their potential. She has contributed to Women in Research’s Accelerate online course program. She was one of the founders and annual speakers at Women in Research’s Executive Summit, an annual immersive retreat for executive leaders within the market research space. Check out the Intentions framework she used in Stage 1 of the Blissometer journey to help numerous executives chart their path to success, joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Heidi earned her Bachelor’s degree at University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Heidi Dickert

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