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Cambell MacPherson

C-Suite Leadership and Business Adviser . Keynote Speaker . Author . Change Catalyst

Campbell MacPherson is an international change expert, keynote speaker, business adviser, Executive Fellow of Henley Business School and award-winning author of The Change Catalyst (Wiley 2017), 2018 Business Book of the Year, The Power to Change (Kogan Page 2021) and You: Part Two – thriving in the second half of your life (Hachette 2022).

He helps leaders worldwide to build extraordinary leadership teams and create successful leaders of change through enabling their people to embrace change.

Campbell's consulting practice, Change & Strategy International conducts a variety of consulting interventions to enable leaders to lead change, build cultures that embrace change, develop leadership skills across the organization and create extraordinary leadership teams. And now – based on You: Part Two, he enables companies to empower their invaluable Over 50 employees and forge even closer relationships with their lucrative Over 50 customers – the ones with 3 times as much wealth as everyone else combined.

Cambell MacPherson

How to contact this coach:

44 7748 704 705

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