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Finding a way to spend your time and energy doing what you enjoy with a positive impact on others is a natural consequence of having found a road towards experiencing bliss more often. If you have reached Stage 4, we hope you are feeling motivated and that life is falling into place more easily with help from potentially unexpected sources. You may feel like you are "in the zone" or "in the flow." At this stage in your journey, you likely have a general sense of assurance and faith that you are on your path to Bliss. What if your path could expand and improve, allowing you to live a life that benefits not only your family, friends, coworkers, but even strangers? What would this mean for you? How could you effectively share joy, happiness and bliss with others without coming across as arrogant or oblivious to the difficult journeys others may be stuck on? What strategy could you employ to balance your creative path toward Bliss and your regular obligations and responsibilities? The micro-courses in this stage will teach you techniques on how your attitude toward Bliss could inspire, connect, and provide solace to others while boosting the joy and happiness that enters your life. In this stage, you can choose from 5 micro-sessions, as well as optional podcasts and guided meditations curated for this stage. Each month, more will be added. It can take up to 30 minutes to watch the videos and finish the exercises in each micro-session How often you intend to download and view the micro sessions will determine how long it takes you to finish each stage. Select the subscription plan that best fits with how quickly or slowly you wish to complete the micro-sessions at this stage. Continue reading for more information on the micro-sessions in this phase.

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Redefining Your Persona Brand



Check out some of the additional podcasts we have selected for you to assist you in Clearing the Clutter on your path to Bliss. Topics include The Art of Living Fully, A Life of Abundant Bliss, The Science of Gratitude, and How to Build a Gratitude Practice, Pain Seeds New Ideas. Consume as much or as little as you like.

For now, these are third party podcasts offered on Spotify and will soon be replaced by the Blissometer Podcast sessions in Fall 2022. You may need your own Spotify subscription to access. Consume as much or as little as you would like.

Guided Meditations


Check out our selection of guided meditations on Experiencing the Shift. Sessions include: Deepak Chopra's 21 Days to Abundance (Day 1),


These are third party sessions we have curated for you while we decide if custom Blissometer Guided Meditations will be pursued in 2023.

We will be evaluating interest in creating our own guided meditations in Fall 2022 based on your interest in these proxy sessions. 

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