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Better Meetings Now with Empathy Best Practices

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Meetings can be a pain point. They run long and can be unproductive. But there is another way. In 30 minutes, you will learn how to host fewer, shorter, and more engaged meetings. You'll do this with empathy. You'll increase productivity and efficiency with our custom empathetic approach. More importantly, you will walk into your next meeting making people feel respected and understood! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their meeting load, run more productive meetings, and connect in a meaningful way. Your instructor, Eric Snyder, is a Learning Catalyst at Ignite 360 - an insights and brand strategy firm known for taking a human approach to business practices. Over the years, he has facilitated hundreds of in-persona and virtual meetings, in our words, "too many to count". Course Outcomes: -Improve efficiency and meeting impact -Build team trust and engagement through meaningful connection -Time savings by reducing the number of meetings What You'll Learn: -An easy framework to determine if/when a meeting is truly necessary -How to build an empathy-forward agenda -Tips and tools you can apply immediately Bonus content: Downloadable practice/reference guides for post-course learning, plus quizzes and self-assessments designed for proven learning experience.




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