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The Blissometer Experience

Your Learning Hub to Achieving Greater Bliss

On Demand Micro-Courses, Podcasts, Online Communities, One-on-One coaching and In-Person Summits 

Your Starting Point

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We all understand that feeling blissful doesn’t come naturally to everyone all the time. And figuring out which strategies will work for you specifically, can feel overwhelming or make you wonder if it’s not just another waste of your time and money.


We get that. And although you may feel this step is not necessary, we still recommend you start at Stage 1 of the Blissometer Journey Program. In this stage, our coaches help you re-evaluate what Bliss might look like in your life. Your idea of Bliss might be simply enhancing the lifepath you are already on. That’s okay. You may just be surprised at what you learn about yourself along the way.

After you complete your Roadmap to Bliss, Stage 2 micro-courses may give you some extra support on areas that could help you remove conscious or unconscious roadblocks on your journey.

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The micro-courses in stage 3, stage 4 and stage 5 will expose you to some new ways of thinking about how you could improve your impact on others in your life. They range from learning how to Uncover Your Story or Embracing Change as you explore what's possible in Planning You: Part 2


Before you say Bliss isn’t of any interest to you, look through our micro-courses and see if something catches your eye. You may just surprise yourself and discover a new way of looking at life that could unleash a whole new level of bliss unseen from where you are currently standing.

You have the freedom to explore all the different micro-courses and get a sample from over 16 different coaches in Stage 1 through 5, without worrying about being bombarded with promotions that aren't helpful to you. And if you do like a specific coach or topic in a micro-course, you can go further through one-on-one coaching, e-courses, or extended coaching programs.

Bliss Optimist Profile

Is your glass half full or half empty? It may depend on the day, but overall life is pretty good. There is always room for improvement of course. But don’t most people who strive to live a positive, purposeful life feel blissful about the life they are living?

Afterall, happiness, joy and respect come from being competent and capable in the work we do, the relationships we maintain and giving back to the communities we choose. When our needs are met, it is easy to feel relatively fulfilled in life. Our life purpose may already be centered around continuing to live the path we are on. So why rock the boat? How could anyone make your life any better? This may leave you feeling a bit skeptical about this idea of Bliss.


And yet, it’s normal and healthy to sometimes wonder if life has greater meaning or purpose, isn’t it? You may be open to this exploration if it doesn’t tip the apple cart over or dramatically alter your day-to-day life. Any guidance on such an important topic will need to be vetted and consumable in a way that makes sense for you.


Nothing on this website should be considered medical advice. Always consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet, medical plan, or exercise routine. Likewise, we do not offer legal or financial advice. If you are feeling anxiety, depression or having any other emotional response  - please reach out to medical professionals with one of these resources.

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